Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All is Well!

I've put in a lot of extra hours since I began my new position, but the store is improving greatly! Tomorrow I get the day off!!!! PRAISE The LORD Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I am missing home and my family. I knew going into this the first little while would be kinda tough, but it is looking much better for next week. I set a lot of goals for this week and have really had to work with my team to get them motivated and I feel they are doing better already. SO YEAH TEAM!!!!

Tomorrow I take Matt back to the Dr. to see if he can walk without his crutches now. I sure hope so. He is so sick of them! His armpits are so tired!! LOL

I am also doing some baking tomorrow. If you feel so led, please pass on your favorite Pumpkin pie recipes!

That's all I have to share for now. Be Blessed in ALL you do!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Please forgive me once again for not writing sooner. My time on the computer has been so limited that I have decided to not continue my blog for now. I will pop in from time to time and write when I have a chance, but it won't be on a regular basis.

Lots to talk about tonight, but my time is limited.

first off, We had an AWESOME WEEKEND TO REMEMBER CONFERENCE!!!! I pray that every couple I know has the opportunity to attend one of these conferences. You would be truely blessed. So many marriages were headed in the wrong direction and many recommitted their lives to Christ. It was a wonderful experience. Steve and I along with our fellow city ministry spent the weekend in prayer for every person there. It was awe inspiring to say the least.

Our oldest son attended TEC (teens encounter Christ) this past weekend as well. He too recommitted his life and wants to go and help with as many TECS coming up and he can. He is still on his crutches and will be going back to the Dr. next week to find out how the knee is doing. (thanks so much for your prayers!)

Rebecca is planning to go on a missions trip to ARGENTINA next august. She will be doing fund raisers and working to pay for her part of the trip. I am excited for her as she has this wonderful opportunity to serve!

I have accepted a managers position at a retail store 22 miles from me. It will be a great challenge as the store was under very poor management for a few years. I went over yesterday to meet my employees and get a handle on what I was starting! it is exciting but a bit scary. I have never managed on my own. I covet your prayers for this endeavor!

Sorry to make it so short this evening, but I am pooped out from this weeks activities. May God be with you and have a wonderfully blessed THANKSGIVING!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Surgery tomarrow

Hey gang! just wanted to post a quick update. Matthew is scheduled for surgery tomorrow on his knee. They will do the scope first and we are hopeful that they will be able to make the necessary repairs without having to open it up completely. The specialist said that he probably won't do any more sports this year. Bummer for him, but as long as they can fix it and he doesn't have permanent damage I will be happy. thanks for keeping us in prayer!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Blogging Blues

Oh I am so sorry! I've abandoned blog world for a bit. I have to let you know what we've been up to!

Matt's motor blew up on his car (oldest son) so we are down to 1 car between the three of us. WOW, I do not miss bringing all the kids to school anymore. Teeheeee

Matt only works very part time since school started, so we will have to pay for a new motor and figured we may as well put new shocks and tires on to while we are at it.

Matt also has a knee injury. We suspect it is from last years in wrestling. Tomarrow he goes back to the Dr. to see if it will need surgery. No more football this year and he may not be able to wrestle either. heart breaking news for him. Sports is his life (well that and his girlfriend!) ;)

Things have been a bit hectic for us in the past couple of weeks. As november draws near, we are gearing up for the Weekend to Remember conferences. I've been busy calling coodinators and making sure they are getting their groups together and answering any questions they might have. Our conferences will be on the 9 through the 11th of Nov.

Matthew will be going to Teens encounter Christ that weekend also. Please be praying that this draws him closer to christ. He really needs a touch from God.

Rebecca, Our daughter is 14 and she has a church event to that weekend. I love to watch her grow in her faith. As I've said before, she has a real heart for God. It is lovely to see her working for the kingdom. I can't wait to see how she uses those talents as she grows up!

Poor Tyler gets stuck at an aunt and uncles house for that weekend.

In the last couple of weeks, We hve made several trips to the dentist. Rebecca has soft teeth, Like her daddy. She had 3 cavities. One of those needed a root canal. She did very well with it though and the Oral surgeon was excellent with her. Matt has 2 cavaties and T-man (tyler) has 1 small one. Thank goodness for Dental insurance!

after we get the teeth all taken care of, we get to go to the eye doctor for a check up. I sure hope I dont have to get glasses for anyone yet!

Our school had homecomming alittle while back and guess what! I am related to royalty *the red carpet rolls out*
Here is a Picture of my sweet *little* nefew , King Joey and his precious parents.

I got off work alittle early today and decided I need to catch up on some blogging! now I am off to get some laundry done before the kids get home.

This week is another busy one!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Seed

A successful business man was growing old and knew it was time to choose a successor to take over the business.Instead of choosing one of his directors or his children, he decided todo something different.

He called all the young executives in his company together.He said, 'It is time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. I have decided to choose one of you. 'The young executives were shocked, but the boss continued.' I am going to give each one of you a SEED today - one very special SEED. I want you to plant the seed, water it, and come back here one year from today with what you have grown from the seed I have given you. I will then judge the plants that you bring,and the one I choose will be the next CEO'

One man, named Jim, was there that day and he, like the others, received a seed. He went home and excitedly, told his wife the story.She helped him get a pot, soil and compost and he planted the seed. Everyday, he would water it and watch to see if it had grown. After about three weeks, some of the other executives began to talk about their seeds andthe plants that were beginning to grow. Jim kept checking his seed, butnothing ever grew.

Three weeks, four weeks, five weeks went by, still nothing. By now, others were talking about their plants, but Jim didn'thave a plant and he felt like a failure.Six months went by--still nothing in Jim's pot. He just knew he had killed his seed. Everyone else had trees and tall plants, but he had nothing. Jim didn't say anything to his colleagues, however. He just kept watering and fertilizing the soil - He so wanted the seed to grow.A year finally went by and all the young executives of the company brought their plants to the CEO for inspection.

Jim told his wife that he wasn't going to take an empty pot. But she asked him to be honest about what happened. Jim felt sick at his stomach, it was going to be the most embarrassing moment of life, but he knew his wife was right Hetook his empty pot to the board room.

When Jim arrived, he was amazed at the variety of plants grown by the other executives. They were beautiful--in all shapes and sizes. Jim put his empty pot on the floor and many of his colleagues laughed, a few felt sorry for him!When the CEO arrived, he surveyed the room and greeted his young executives.Jim just tried to hide in the back.

'My, what great plants, trees, and flowers you have grown,' said the CEO. 'Today one of you will be appointed the next CEO!' All of a sudden, the CEO spotted Jim at the back of the room with his empty pot. He ordered the financial director to bring him to the front. Jim was terrified. He thought, 'The CEO knows I'm a failure! Maybe he will have me fired!'When Jim got to the front, the CEO asked him what had happened to his seed Jim told him the story.

The CEO asked everyone to sit down exceptJim. He looked at Jim, and then announced to the young executives, 'Behold your next Chief Executive!His name is Jim!' Jim couldn't believe it. Jim couldn't even grow his seed. How could he be the new CEO the others said?Then the CEO said, 'One year ago today, I gave everyone in this room a seed. I told you to take the seed, plant it, water it, and bring it back to me today. But I gave you all boiled seeds; they were dead - it was not possible for them to grow.

All of you, except Jim, have brought me trees and plants and flowers.When you found that the seed would not grow, you substituted another seed for the one I gave you. Jim was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one who will be the new Chief Executive!'

If you plant honesty, you will reap trust
If you plant goodness, you will reap friends
If you plant humility, you will reap greatness.
If you plant perseverance, you will reap contentment
If you plant consideration, you will reap perspective
If you plant hard work, you will reap success
If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation

So, be careful what you plant now; it will determine what you will reap later.
What we are is God's gift to us; what we become is our gift to God.

Author Unknown.
If you know the author of this story, Please contact me so I can give them proper credit. Thank you.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Heavenly Father, when my life is moving along at break-neck speed, I feel so distracted from the things that are really important to my heart and soul. It seems like my lack of focus keeps me from paying attention to what really nourishes me. Help me learn to give less priority to what only leaves me feeling empty. Remind me that when I give priority to what is really important everything else falls into place with greater ease. I ask this for the sake of your love.

Thank you Jesus!
Love, Lori

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Time.....

How can it be?? no time to blog? this week has been a little crazy. I have been putting in a few extra hours at work. Trying to get a few extra things done around the house. Doesn't that seem never ending to you too?

Today I have to work from 9-3 and then go back one more hour at the end of the day to close. We have one girl out for vacation. *fun for her!* I hope she enjoys her days off. :) I work with a group of very sweet ladies. I love my work envirment. I love what I do there. It just seems that some days I am there too much! My house is missing me this week.

In the mornings I bring my dear sweet husband to work, then I come home, take the Dog out for a bit of a walk. I come back in and do some devotions. After I finish that up, I log on to my computer and read some blogs (of which I really enjoy!)

Today, I looked up Ken Davis's site and saw that he too has a blog! It was so exciting to read that. I am a big fan of his lighten up and live splats on our christian radio station. I will be adding that to my blog roll for you to enjoy also.

Well, that is all the time I have for now. I am off to get my youngest moving for school!

Be Blessed today and remember! spend time with God today!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

PRO LIFE all the way

15 years ago now, we were touched with a life before some say life began.
our second child was due to come to us in June 1991. We faithfully went to checkup and took care of things the way we should have, but something went wrong. During a regular ultra sound to get an accurate due date and measurement of the baby, The Dr. found something.

An appointment for us was schedualed in Iowa City the following morning. There, they did an Amniocentesis http://www.marchofdimes.com/pnhec/159_520.asp only to find that our baby would not survive. The doctors in Iowa City told us to schedual for an abortion the next morning. We told him no immediatly!

We strongly believe that God gives life and GOD takes it. It was totally in his hands as to what would become of our beloved little girl. Days turned into weeks. Nothing was changing. I was going in everyweek to still hear her little heart beating. Our family doctor was so supportive and wonderful to us. We had hope that our baby would be made whole. That was not to be either.

At the end of March, I stopped feeling her move. We went to the ER to check for a heart beat.... nothing. It just happen to be on a Friday night, so nothing could be started until the following monday. It was devestating news, but we knew that God was in control. God has decided that our little Katie needed to be with him.

I will never regret carrying on with the pregnancy! Only God knew what her future was to be. We did not make that deccision for him. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Baptism Sunday

Sorry, no sermon notes today! Today was a day of celebration. 5 of our church family members were baptised today. One of them was our Dearest Daughter, Rebecca! We are so happy for her today. She has always been a Jesus lover. Bless her heart! She loves the lord with all her heart and will be a wonderful woman of god one day. She is a treasure to us and we are so very proud of her for taking this step in faithfulness to our lord.

Please Join our prayers for her today as she commits to following christ! :)

The following I took from http://www.believers.org/believe/bel190.htm which describes our beliefs in water baptism and it's meaning. a good read, and sorry, but our beliefs are not up for debate :) So, with that being said... If you disagree, please just go on to another blog without comment. Thank you very kindly!


Water Baptism

Water baptism is a symbolic burial, by which the new Christian publicly declares they have died, and are now beginning a new life, in Christ.
Baptize is the English form of a Greek word which means to immerse: to place something into something else.

In Christian water baptism, the believer is put completely under water, then immediately raised out of the water.

Water baptism is a statement of faith: my old life is behind me -- I am a new person, with a new life.

Water baptism is a sign of repentance -- repentance means change -- a change so drastic that the old person is "buried."

It does not make you acceptable to God. As a work of righteousness, trying to obtain a good standing with God, it is worthless.

Water baptism is a way of giving testimony to what has happened inwardly, and a clear commitment to turn from the old life.

For Your Benefit

Water baptism outwardly demonstrates what has happened inwardly. Water baptism helps you to grasp the reality of the spiritual truth that the old "you" has died.

Water baptism is only as important as the participant believes it to be. Water baptism is their confession, and a public commitment. Unless the person really believes they died, there is no need for a burial.

It is not something we must do to impress God, but something to impress on our mind what happened to us inwardly. Water baptism is for our benefit -- not God's.

Meaning Of The Word Baptize

T. J. Conant in his book, The Meaning And Use Of Baptizein,1 after an exhaustive examination of the Greek word baptizein in Greek literature, concludes that the English word immerse is the best word to translate it.

Conant tells us, "The word `baptize' is an Anglicized form of the Greek BAPTIZEIN."

He says immerse is the English word that "precisely" makes known to us the same meaning as BAPTIZEIN did "to those who first heard and read the Gospel in Greek."

In all the available Greek literature, both secular and religious, Conant found no example in which the word baptizein had any other meaning.

Conant reports that it was a common, secular word, used in the daily affairs of life, to express the most familiar acts and conditions.

Baptizein was a daily household word. Whenever the idea of total submergence was to be expressed, whether literally or metaphorically, baptizein was the word used.

As you read the Bible, mentally translating the word baptize to the word immerse will greatly help your understanding. Not every time the word baptize or baptism is used in the Bible refers to water baptism.

Burial After Death

Water baptism is about death -- your death. ("Death" is the end of something.) Water baptism is your public declaration of your death. It is a public confession of faith: I have died to my old life and my old ways.

By being baptized in water you are saying that you have died to sin, selfishness, and the world's ways. Water baptism is a public burial of the old life.

By asking for burial, you declare that you believe something has died. There is no need for a burial without a death.

Burial is not absolutely required, but is recommended as the best course of action. So, generally, those who receive Jesus Christ should normally be baptized in water.

In the book of Acts, water baptism always seemed to be done without delay. Although burial can take place at any time, the best time is immediately after death has been confirmed.

Clean Break With The Past

As we are baptized in water, we are in effect saying goodbye to our old life (self), and saying hello to a new creation who is IN Christ Jesus.

Because of death you are free from your old master the devil; now you have a new Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

A major benefit to the believer is the clean break that water baptism makes with their past. When the devil brings temptations and accusations concerning their old life -- the believer can reply, "That person is dead and buried. I am a new person in Christ."

Water baptism is a point of separation, dividing the old from the new. It says the past is dead and gone -- drawing a clear line between the old life and the new, graphically imprinted on the mind of the believer.

Jesus' Baptism

Why was Jesus baptized in water? He was, and is, our pattern. And, in a sense, He was, at that point, dying to His past life.

From that point, His first allegiance would no longer be to earthly relatives. ("Who is My mother, or My brothers?" Mark 3:31-35.) Jesus would no longer be a carpenter. He was beginning His public ministry.

Jesus was declaring that He was dead to any selfishness and existed solely to do the will of the Father God.

A Picture Sermon

Because it illustrates the central message of the Gospel, water baptism should be a tool for teaching and evangelism. Water baptism should help people understand the spiritual truths being proclaimed.

Water baptism pictures the most fundamental truths of the Gospel: the burial and resurrection of Christ, and of the believer in union with Him.

By means of water baptism, we demonstrate to the world our identification with the crucified and risen Christ.

By water baptism we testify that our old life is gone, and we are now joined with Jesus. We are pledging ourselves to a new life, with Jesus Christ Who died for us and rose again.

Water baptism also acknowledges that the person being immersed is indeed a Christian believer.
So, all who baptize should question converts, just as Philip did in Acts 8:37, to be sure of their commitment to Christ, before immersing them in water. Only those who accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ should be baptized in water.

Which Formula Of Words?

MATTHEW 28:19 NKJ 19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

ACTS 2:38 NKJ 38 Then Peter said to them, "Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Some people place great importance on certain words being spoken when a person is baptized in water. This is all religious tradition with no real meaning whatsoever.

"In the name of Jesus" can mean by the authority and command of Jesus. Colossians 3:17 tells us our every word and deed should be in the name of the Lord Jesus. Certainly, Colossians 3:17 does not mean we have to continually say, "I do this, or say this, in the name of Jesus."

Claiming that certain words must be said at the time of water baptism, or that only certain special people can truly baptize you in water, makes water baptism into a magical rite -- a work of man trying to be right with God.

The words spoken by the person baptizing you in water will not save you, or condemn you. Water baptism is not some magic ritual which makes you right with God. Water baptism is a testimony and picture-sermon of what God did in you.

Even if no words are spoken over you during your water baptism, it is still a picture of burial and resurrection. Specific words are not what is important, but the attitudes and faith of the people involved are what matters.

When baptizing new believers, saying something like, "In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I baptize you into the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit," is probably best. Then the devil cannot tempt them to think they were not baptized in the right name.

Must You Be Baptized To Be Saved?

In Luke 23:39-43, we have the record of one of the criminals crucified with Jesus acknowledging Him as Lord.

LUKE 23:43 NKJ 43 And Jesus said to him, "Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise."

Jesus told the criminal he would be with Him in Paradise, even though he was not baptized in water.

Also, in Acts 10:44-48, Cornelius' household became believers, received the Holy Spirit, and began speaking in tongues, before being baptized in water.

According to Jesus (John 7:38-39, Mark 16:17), receiving the Holy Spirit happens only to those who are believers, and therefore saved.
So, we must conclude that these believers were born again, and ready for Heaven, before they were baptized in water.

TITUS 3:5 NKJ 5 not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit,
We are not saved by works of righteousness that we do. Many think, wrongly, of water baptism as a work that must be done to be right with God.

EPHESIANS 2:8-9 NKJ 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.
If water baptism was necessary for salvation, then salvation would partly be by works, and not by grace.

1 CORINTHIANS 1:17 NKJ 17 For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of no effect.
The apostle Paul, who received the Gospel direct from the risen Lord Jesus, said he was not sent to baptize. If water baptism was necessary for salvation, that would not make any sense.

MARK 16:16 NKJ 16 "He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.

What about Mark 16:16? Obviously, if water baptism was required for salvation, that requirement would be made clear throughout the New Testament -- and it is not. Mark 16:16 could mean, "believes to the point of publicly confessing, by the act of water immersion." Or, it could mean, "believes and is placed in Christ."

We should also note that the passage in question does not say, "He who believes and was baptized will be saved." Only a present tense baptism guarantees a person's salvation. That is to say: those who are IN CHRIST now, are saved.

Salvation cannot be dependent on physical surroundings -- such as water being present for baptism -- there are too many situations where water baptism would be impossible.
Those who make this error do so because the word baptize was not translated and understood. Therefore, they think every mention in Scripture of the word baptize refers to water -- which is not true.

Baptism in water is not necessary for salvation, but is beneficial for the believer. Water baptism provides a good foundation, if understood correctly.


The main points to remember about water baptism are:

* It does not make you a Christian, or right with God. It is only a symbolic act with no power to save you.
* It is a testimony of what has already happened inwardly in the believer -- the death of their old life.
* Certain formulas of words are not vital.
* It is complete immersion into water.
* It is best done publicly.
* It should be done only by someone old enough to understand what they are doing.
* It should be done only by those who have received the Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to Him.

Should you be baptized in water?

Yes, if you understand clearly what you are doing, and sincerely mean what baptism signifies.
Otherwise, you should not be baptized in water, because it will do you no good whatsoever. Water baptism could even harm you by giving you false hope.

Have a Blessed day!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Back to the grind, so they say. We had an activity filled weekend with our family this weekend. As I have mentioned before, Steve and I are on the ministry team in Sioux Falls, SD. This past weekend We took our turn working in the Family life booth at Life Light music festival.

It was a perfect weekend for the festival this year. I heard on the radio this morning that there was an estimated 320,000 people there this weekend! WOWZA!!!! to read more about lifelight go to http://www.lifelight.org/festival

This festival is incredible! There are hundreds of bands that play and it's all FREE!!! of course the food there is very expensive, so it is best to eat well before you go and bring your own goodies. I took some pics to share with you. Enjoy!

One pic is of the stage. This thing is huge! I went all the way up to the front to snap a pic to share with you just so you could see how far back we were. standing up there while the bands play is awful. The music just pounds in your chest. So we sat way in the back. The volume was much better there :)

The kids danced for awhile and acted silly. That was fun! and Doesn't my hubby look like a big soft teddy bear? holding on to his little cub! ;)