Thursday, September 20, 2007


Heavenly Father, when my life is moving along at break-neck speed, I feel so distracted from the things that are really important to my heart and soul. It seems like my lack of focus keeps me from paying attention to what really nourishes me. Help me learn to give less priority to what only leaves me feeling empty. Remind me that when I give priority to what is really important everything else falls into place with greater ease. I ask this for the sake of your love.

Thank you Jesus!
Love, Lori


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Yes, when we make time with God our priority, he gives us his perspective. Somehow that makes things fall into place, even with a to-do-list a mile long.

Thank you too for your words of encouragement.

Resting in Jesus,

Candy said...

Dear Lord, I ask that You would bless Lori and her family today. Send a special encouragment to her, wrap Your loving gentle arms around her today and show her how special she is. Continue to pour Your blessing over her and her family.
Thank You Lord,