Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Trip To the Zoo

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Prayer For The Victims

Heavenly Father,

I cry to you for comfort for countless victims of tragedy in Minnesota. Please wrap your loving arms around all those affected by this devastation. Be with those families who have lost fathers, mothers and children. Lay your healing hand on those in hospitals with serious injuries. Guide the recovery efforts so that they will find every last body in that water and rubble. Let no one remain missing.

Cell Phones..... Oh what a pain!

My hubby and I have been searching for a new cell phone plan for some time now. We searched online for the best plan for us and called the company for assistance. They guy that sold us our plan and phones was very curtious and helpful. We ordered our phones and our plans, then waited pateintly for the phones to arrive.

Today the phones came! I opened the boxes, read the instructions. I charged the batteries, then turned the phones on. I had called once earlier, because they gave us wierd phone numbers (out of state numbers) which should have been our first clue.... When I turned on the phones, they said *no service*. hmmmm... I thought... So I called the company again, and after speaking with several people I find out that they dont service our area!!

I told them I wanted a refund and would send the phones back at their expense. This was all fine and dandy. So I was put on hold for a 1/2 hour only to be disconnected. So I called back, my patience wearing a bit thin. Finally got to talk to a human again, and we went through the whole verification process again. Then his computer locked up on him and he could not finish the return today. He asked me to call back tomarrow. I told him that I would not be the victim of a run around and that he better process this thing and email me by the end of the day TOMARROW. By the end of the conversation, I was steamed. (good thing my hubby was not home from work yet! ) heeheee

I then went shopping again for another carrier. I found a local one and made sure we were in a service area and odered from them. *wish I had gone through this carrier in the first place!*

There is a lesson to be learned from this....... I need to make sure our little town is on the map before I order things online again!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Your Seeds In My Garden

Your seeds blow into my garden, Friend,

Whenever the wind is right.

They blow on the winds of the breeze by day,

And they ride on the gales by night.

Your seeds blow into my garden, Friend,

And nestle among my flowers,

In the soft sweet soil of my garden plot

They wait for the sun and the showers.

Whatever you grow in your garden, Friend,

If flower, or ugly weed,

The fall will come and the wind will blow

And over will come your seed.

Your life is a garden by mine, dear Friend,

And planted with living deeds;

So ever and over the wall they blow:

Will you give me flowers-- or weeds?
*From Meigiddo Message, May/june issue*

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hair Cut Gone Wrong

I am NOT a beautician. I did not go to school to learn to cut hair. I have no desire to become one. And yet, my children through the years seem to like the haircuts they have forced me into giving them....
This past week, my 9 year old son came home from a friends house with the worst self given hair cut I've seen. Like any good mommy, I thought.... I guess I can straighten this out. So I sat the restless child in the kitchen chair and located a scissors, comb and water bottle.
I snipped here and there and was going along pretty good. It was looking a bit more decent! Then it happened. I got a dose of over confidence. It appeared as though I were reenacting a scene from Edward Scissor hands. Hair was falling as fast as I could cut it and soon my sweet little boy looked like a victim of sorts. I turned him to me, looked him in the face and said... "wait right here, I have to get something."
I ran out the door in my Pj's and went over a couple of houses to my sister's house. (thank goodness she lives so close!) I grabbed her clippers set and ran back home. I attached the longest attachment she had in that kit onto the clippers. I turned the thing on and.... Nothing! ugh... grabbed the old one instead of her new one!
Well, I have a clippers too, just not the attachments. So I grabbed mine and put her attachment on. It didn't fit mine quite as well as hers, but that's OK I thought. I can hold it. I went to work with the first swipe. I stopped after the first stroke and tears filled my eyes. It was too short! My oldest son, Matt, looked at it and laughed. Well mom, you may as well finish it.... So I did. After all his hair was cut, he looked down on the ground in front of him and ran into the bathroom.
He came back out not saying a word. I know he was mad... but he didn't say it. I helped him wash all the hair off of himself in the tub and lathered up is stubbly head. I said to him, you know Tyler, if we wash it everyday, it will grow back quick! :) Hopefully my haircutting days are over now. and I can retired the old buzzer.

May God Bless you through the day today!