Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Back to the grind, so they say. We had an activity filled weekend with our family this weekend. As I have mentioned before, Steve and I are on the ministry team in Sioux Falls, SD. This past weekend We took our turn working in the Family life booth at Life Light music festival.

It was a perfect weekend for the festival this year. I heard on the radio this morning that there was an estimated 320,000 people there this weekend! WOWZA!!!! to read more about lifelight go to http://www.lifelight.org/festival

This festival is incredible! There are hundreds of bands that play and it's all FREE!!! of course the food there is very expensive, so it is best to eat well before you go and bring your own goodies. I took some pics to share with you. Enjoy!

One pic is of the stage. This thing is huge! I went all the way up to the front to snap a pic to share with you just so you could see how far back we were. standing up there while the bands play is awful. The music just pounds in your chest. So we sat way in the back. The volume was much better there :)

The kids danced for awhile and acted silly. That was fun! and Doesn't my hubby look like a big soft teddy bear? holding on to his little cub! ;)