Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Weekend to Remember

Steve and I have many stories to share, but the most important one is the salvation of our marriage.

We have been through some quite difficult circumstances in our 17 years of marriage. Some of which almost ended our marriage. About 4 years ago we attended our first weekend to remember conference. If you have never heard of this before go to the family life homepage to read more about it at

This conference is not only for those who have troubled marriages. We’ve seen people go and benefit from this conference who have been married for more than 50 years! We like to think of is as *servicing* our marriage.

When you buy a new car, you change the oil every 3,000 miles. You rotate the tires and flush the radiator. You don’t do this because you enjoy spending the money….. You do it to make your car last longer and run better!

I use the same comparison for our marriage. We go to this conferences as a check up or do an annual *oil change* for our relationship!

If you ARE on the other side of the spectrum, and your marriage is headed for divorce, what do you have to loose? Money???? You will loose a lot of money getting a divorce too! We would highly encourage you to attend just one meeting in your area. Let the lord take control of your lives and take a deep look at things that you can change to make it better.

Some choose not to attend, because they don’t want anyone else “knowing their business.” Guess what…. They won’t! There may be hundred of other couples there, but they don’t break down into small groups and air everyone’s laundry. You go as One couple, you study as one couple and you relate as one couple. You may make some new acquaintances, but that is strictly up to you.

There are some big surprises waiting for you if you do attend. Not only will your relationship grow, but you will too. Not just with your spouse, but with GOD, and with your personal growth. Now how can you beat that? If you don’t do anything else to save your marriage, please I beg you, do this……

If you want to save a little money, you can register for a conference through Steve and I using our code. If you register with this code, you must register on the phone or through the mail at least 18 days before the conference start. Our code # is 10464. This will save you a total of $89.00

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or if you would like to share your stories with me!

Serving God with gladness in my heart,

Monday, July 23, 2007

Song Spot!

I've finally discovered how to add a song spot to my blog, and I LOVE IT! I saw this feature added at some other blogs and really liked the idea so, I went to the website and got my own. :) The song I choose is my personal favorite. *It is well with my soul*

The weekend was good. I had to work, but thats ok. It was really to hot to play outside anyway! Went to church on Sunday, but had to leave early for work. My hubby and kids snoozed all afternoon, then later in the evening we went fishing. hubby Steve, calls me the great angler. LOL he does not care for fishing, so he is the official troller while Rebecca and I Fish. Lastnight we tried fishing with minnows for the first time ever. ewwwwwwwww!

Now I am not sure HOW you are suppose to put the minnow on the hook without killing it, but we paralized a few before switching to good ole worms. I am going to have to go some research on that whole minnow thing.

Rebecca and I had some mother/daughter time this morning. We rarely get a chance to do anything just with us two. We got up really early and brought Steve to work then we took the boat and went to the lake. We fished for a while and then just putted around. It was a beautiful morning. Then we came back and did alittle shopping. She tried on some jeans, but didn't find anything she really wanted so we just browsed at the second hand shop. Our town has the BEST second hand shops. Very good quality clothes at reasonable prices. As were were getting ready to leave, she spotted a beautiful cross necklace. Of course, we could not leave empty handed, so now it adorns her neck! :)

After our little shopping stop, we ran home to see that the boys had lunch, then off we went again for a girls lunch out. We went to a nice restraunt in town and ordered the noon special. Hamburger with homemade fries, and Strawberry lemonade. We finished off the lunch with homemade fresh peach pie. It was delicious. I am NOT a star in the kitchen. Rebecca loves to bake and cook. My husband loves to cook, I do not. I dont enjoy it at all. I do have some favorite recipies that I will make on occasion. So for me to post a recipie on my blog would mean that it was FABULOUS!! I may just have to find out the recipie for that fresh peach pie. It rates in the fabulous catagory.

Now, I am just catching up with blog land and trying to learn how to do a few new things. Then I am off to get some cleaning done! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...