Monday, October 8, 2007

Blogging Blues

Oh I am so sorry! I've abandoned blog world for a bit. I have to let you know what we've been up to!

Matt's motor blew up on his car (oldest son) so we are down to 1 car between the three of us. WOW, I do not miss bringing all the kids to school anymore. Teeheeee

Matt only works very part time since school started, so we will have to pay for a new motor and figured we may as well put new shocks and tires on to while we are at it.

Matt also has a knee injury. We suspect it is from last years in wrestling. Tomarrow he goes back to the Dr. to see if it will need surgery. No more football this year and he may not be able to wrestle either. heart breaking news for him. Sports is his life (well that and his girlfriend!) ;)

Things have been a bit hectic for us in the past couple of weeks. As november draws near, we are gearing up for the Weekend to Remember conferences. I've been busy calling coodinators and making sure they are getting their groups together and answering any questions they might have. Our conferences will be on the 9 through the 11th of Nov.

Matthew will be going to Teens encounter Christ that weekend also. Please be praying that this draws him closer to christ. He really needs a touch from God.

Rebecca, Our daughter is 14 and she has a church event to that weekend. I love to watch her grow in her faith. As I've said before, she has a real heart for God. It is lovely to see her working for the kingdom. I can't wait to see how she uses those talents as she grows up!

Poor Tyler gets stuck at an aunt and uncles house for that weekend.

In the last couple of weeks, We hve made several trips to the dentist. Rebecca has soft teeth, Like her daddy. She had 3 cavities. One of those needed a root canal. She did very well with it though and the Oral surgeon was excellent with her. Matt has 2 cavaties and T-man (tyler) has 1 small one. Thank goodness for Dental insurance!

after we get the teeth all taken care of, we get to go to the eye doctor for a check up. I sure hope I dont have to get glasses for anyone yet!

Our school had homecomming alittle while back and guess what! I am related to royalty *the red carpet rolls out*
Here is a Picture of my sweet *little* nefew , King Joey and his precious parents.

I got off work alittle early today and decided I need to catch up on some blogging! now I am off to get some laundry done before the kids get home.

This week is another busy one!


Candy said...

Have a great week!
Thinking of you!


jennifer said...

Thanks for the update, I have missed ready about you all. Prayers for the engine.

Love all the activities!

jennifer said...

oops I meant reading about you...:)